PCI Geomatics to hold Global Business Partner Meeting in Berlin

PCI Geomatics announced it will be hosting its Global Business Partner Meeting on September 25th in conjunction with INTERGEO which is being held the same week in Berlin.

The PCI Geomatics Business Partner Meeting will be held at the Pullman Hotel Berlin Schweizerhof, near the INTERGEO conference venue, which will host delegates from around the world from September 26-28, 2017. The Business Partner Meeting will provide an opportunity to bring together PCI’s business partners who offer software solutions to markets in over 30 countries.

The meeting will provide an excellent opportunity for Business Partners to meet with each other, as well as with PCI staff and technical experts from many disciplines. Invited speakers include AgilSpace as well as Airbus Defense and Space, who will present on how Geomatica software can be used to deliver accurate and timely information to customers through automated image correction and information extraction workflows.

The meeting will focus on how PCI Geomatics is developing software to help its customers and partners move up and down the geospatial value chain. Critical technology developed by PCI Geomatics to accurately align imagery and to calibrate / normalize multiple sensors has helped to improve large volume processing workflows, moving image processing closer to the sensor and raw imagery. Also, PCI’s extensive python enabled platform, which includes over 550 algorithms, can be used to develop custom workflows to address specific applications such as precision agriculture, or mining. Both important trends will be discussed during the meeting, with the emphasis on how PCI’s partners can leverage the technological advancements to address new markets.

In addition to the Global Business Partner Meeting, PCI Geomatics will be exhibiting at INTERGEO from September 26-28, 2017, and showcasing its latest technology. Notably, PCI will be providing live demonstrations of GXL, Object Analyst, Geomatica InSAR, as well as Semi-Global Matching based Digital Elevation Extraction from high resolution satellite and aerial imagery.

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