PCI Geomatics to host User Group Meeting in Ottawa

PCI Geomatics announced it will be hosting a User Group Meeting in Ottawa on November 15, 2017. In conjunction with the User Group Meeting, a special event will be held to celebrate PCI’s 35 years in the Geospatial industry.

The event will be held at Invest Ottawa’s newly renovated facility in Bayview Yards, which is fitting given the centre focuses on innovation, entrepreneurship, and developing international business with Ottawa based companies. PCI Geomatics continues to develop innovative products and solutions, and has had a close working relationship with Government partners and research scientists going back to the creation of the Canada Centre for Remote Sensing.

The user group meeting will provide partners and end customers an opportunity to see the latest software innovations from PCI Geomatics, including Object Based Image Analysis, InSAR, as well as high resolution DEM extraction based on semi-global matching algorithms. The user group meeting will also focus on the automation that is possible using the Geomatica Python API, and how large volumes of data have been processed through PCI’s scalable and flexible GXL production system by clients from around the world.

The event will include a technical component, followed by a special event to celebrate the 35-year anniversary. The President and CEO of PCI Geomatics, Terry Moloney, as well as other senior delegates from the Canadian Government will be making some short remarks, which will be followed by a celebratory and networking lunch.

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