PCI Geomatics releases GXL 2017, Service Pack 1

PCI Geomatics announced the release of Service Pack 1 for GXL 2017. GXL is used by large organizations that must meet time critical deadlines on a regular basis and work with a variety of satellite and aerial images. Most recently, PCI customers have requested improved support for fast processing of imagery collected by ADS push broom cameras, which are increasingly being used for large area mapping and are well suited for corridor mapping.


GXL 2017 SP1 has been released to address quality/performance issues related to processing ADS imagery, and includes technological advancements in the collection and matching algorithms for Tie points (TP), and Bundle Adjustment. Of critical importance to the ortho mosaicking workflow is the generation of high quality and accurate digital elevation models. While existing methods available within GXL produce good quality results, PCI Geomatics developed new semi-global matching (SGM) techniques that provide very high-quality results for these high-resolution datasets.

In addition, new DEM editing filtering techniques were added that can be invoked through automation, or interactively using Geomatica. Converting the extracted digital surface models (DSMs) to digital terrain models (DTMs) is critical to attain the highest quality ortho mosaic product possible with minimal re-work. Combined with the DEM filtering / editing tools, the 1:1 Ortho Preview and Smart GeoFill, GXL customers can benefit from a highly automated workflow that provides the flexibility to perform touchups without the need to use photo editing software such as Photoshop.

With SP1, GXL 2017 includes added support for WorldView-4 and SuperView-1, along with upgraded support to Kompsat-5, Kompsat-3, and Kompsat-2.

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