Panhellenic Association of Graduates of GeoInformatics and Surveying Engineering

A tribute to the history and its actionsSalutation by the President Athanasios Dimou.



As President of the Panhellenic Association of Graduates of Geoinformatics and Surveying Engineering, it is an honor and meantime a pleasure of mine personally and for all the Board Directors members to host this document in order to present the history and actions of our Association, in a valid and coherent manner, related to the subject matter of our Association web site “Geoinformatics”. The Geoinformatics and Surveying Engineering association is mostly an association that advocates and will defend the concept of Geoinformatics and Surveying both in the interior and the abroad, through actions and collaborations between members, as well as between other associations around the world. I hope that this article will serve as a bridge to open new horizons for partnerships around the world, as a goal of improving the quality of life of people through Geoinformatics.

Historic reference
The Panhellenic Association of Graduated Geoinformatics and Surveying Engineers was founded by an active team of fellow Geoinformatics and Surveying Engineers. Being students and graduates of the School of Geoinformatics and Surveying Engineering in the TEI of Serres (now International University of Greece) there were questions and worries about our future birth after receiving our degree. So, with their graduation in 2008, they founded 25 members of the Association with the help and support of other colleagues and teachers. Members of the Association can become graduates of Geotechnical and Surveying Technologies of the two departments, Athena and Serres.

The structure of the Association in accordance with the Articles of Association consists of the 7-member Board of Directors and the 3-member Audit Committee. The new Board of Directors is been elected every 2 years and consists of the Chairman, the Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer and 3 members.


Basic objectives of the Association

  1. Information of Geoinformatics and Surveying Engineers and Topography and Geoinformatics on issues related to their scientific knowledges.
  2. The scientific, professional and cultural development of the members, to improve the level of education and retraining, specialization and training.
  3. Contributing to the development of Geoinformatics & Surveying science and promoting its research.
  4. Develop solidarity and solidarity bonds between members, promote their cooperation with other clubs.

Club Actions
The first and most essential action of the Association is to provide professional support to its members and colleagues, and to assert / configure professional rights with several interventions in labor and government agencies. It is worth noting that the Department of Geoinformatics and Topography is the first to be created in Greece and the concept of Geoinformatics was unknown as an object in the Greek state. Thus, through the frequent and strong struggles of the Association, the value of Geoinformatics was highlighted and the framework of the professional rights we claim.

Also, a few years ago, the Electronic Magazine named “GEOTOPOLOGIO” was launched almost simultaneously with the founding of the Association. The subject of the journal has to do with Geoinformatics, but also with related disciplines, such as Geodesy, Topography, Cartography, etc. There are so far 5 issues with very interesting articles by colleagues and important people of science. The magazine is written in Greek, but there are also articles which are in English.


Concurrent action with a strong interest is the promotion of Geoscience science in schools, as geoscience science and its applications have not yet been fully integrated in Greece. Members of the Association carry out voluntary actions in collaboration with educational institutions, where presentations are made by the research teams of the actions related to today’s technology and the work that exists in our country as a direct object.

In 2018, the first day of the Association was held, where our colleagues from all over Greece presented each individual subject specializing in completing his / her diploma. Indicative topics presented were the subject of land registry, drone, forest land registry, professional rights law, etc. The conference was held in the Department of Geoinformatics and Topography in the city of Serres, in a crowded amphitheater of students. who showed great interest.

A photography competition on topography and field mapping was also held, where members and non-members of the world sent material and photos of very interesting geotopia. Then the top 12 photos became an anniversary calendar. The club has highly trained members, who engage in and carry out research and present their innovative ideas as lecturers or through workshops . Some of them attending in international and Greek conferences of our members and have to do with advanced technologies such as UAV – drones, as well as Geographic Information Systems, Land Registry, state – of – the – art technologies, etc. Some are worth mentioning, which can be searched by the readership.

This year, through the overactive President, the Association has been able to reach out and collaborate with several Associations in the scientific field of the country for joint future actions. Already last month one of the best international conferences on education in our country was held and the Association was present to support the whole effort, also visits to the Athens Observatory of Greece, as well as visits to historical museums of the Hellenic Army Geographical Service. Members of the Association also presented research papers on how Geoinformatics can actively contribute to education and school.


Future Actions
The future comes into contact with many scientific bodies and associations in the field in collaboration and a wealth of actions and interest in scientific situations. The aim of the club is to train, support, collectively support its members, as well as all other colleagues in the field of collaboration in order to highlight the potential of Geoinformatics and to use its tools to better organize, and make decisions in geospatial structures. problems.

Another aim is to promote, recognize, learn, disseminate and embrace the science of Geoinformatics and to acquire the Geoinformatics and Geoinformatics culture beyond universities as a specialty in primary, secondary and secondary schools. proper use of Geoinformatics as well as information on the use of Geoinformatics along with the open data coming for their use and the emergence of both engineers and citizens for the best Accessing Functions of the State

Twelve years later the club remains active and with many actions on its assets as well as important collaborations in the Greek territory and beyond.


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