Orbit GT updates 3D Mapping Cloud

Orbit GT has launched a new update for it’s SaaS platform www.3dmapping.cloud . “Sharing your data with anyone in the world just by a single click, that’s what we’ve been promising and what we are delivering”, says Peter Bonne, CEO of Orbit GT. “Owners of a 3D mapping dataset, such as a Mobile Mapping coverage, can now share with a single person or with many users within an organization in one quick action. This simple concept will open up vast business opportunities for every data owner.”

Sharing access to complex datasets such as Mobile Mapping data containing multiple imagery and LiDAR point clouds amongst co-workers, still a major challenge for many organizations, has been available from day one in www.3dmapping.cloud. Now, with a single action, you can make the same data accessible for anyone outside your organization as well. This opens up great possibilities for demonstration, collaboration, delivery, data integration and more. Orbit GT does not charge anything for this, whatever the relation between data owner and data user is.

You must be a registered user to access the sharing capabilities.

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