Orbit GT releases Oblique Mapping v17.1 with Cloud Upload feature

Orbit GT releases v17.1 of its Oblique Mapping desktop product including the all-new Upload to the Cloud feature.  It is available for download today.

“This upgrade includes the capability to upload any Oblique Mapping content directly to www.3dmapping.cloud, our SaaS based sharing and collaboration platform”, says Peter Bonne, CEO of Orbit GT. “It adds a great new feature for everyone producing and exploiting oblique aerial imagery.”

‘Upload to the Cloud’ allows for users to instantly bring Oblique Aerial imagery data online.  The upload process is fluently integrated in the known workflows of the product, with the required checks and validations.  Upload time depends on your internet connection.  Once uploaded, the data is immediately available for sharing on www.3dmapping.cloud.  The new Catalog tool adds insight and overview of all data collection jobs done, indispensable to manage large jobs.

This update is free for holders of a license with maintenance.

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