OGC Session Future City at GeoBIM Europe 2016

Geospatial Media and Communications will be hosting the OGC session at GeoBIM Europe 2016 (24-25th November 2016 in Amsterdam). The session will talk about Future City Phase 1 (FCP1), which is an OGC Interoperability Program initiative, in collaboration with bSI. This pilot existed within the context of the Geospatial and Built Environment, seeking to understand the ‘state of play’ of current interoperability arrangements. Multiple scenarios were setup, based on real-world requirements put forward by the pilot sponsors (Sant Cugat del Vallès [Barcelona], Spain; Ordnance Survey Great Britain; VirtualCitySYSTEMS GmbH Berlin; and Institut National de l’Information Géographique et Forestière [IGN], France). The scenario focused on the interoperability between IFC and CityGML, as well as ‘dynamizing’ CityGML using sensor readings and city flooding.

Future CityBart De Lathouwer will present the results of FCP1, through demonstrations of various scenarios along with in-depth analysis of the success stories and issues encountered in each. You will learn from the pilot participants (University of Munich, University of Melbourne, and Remote Sensing Solutions, San Diego) about the architectures, the tools used, and how they solved specific problems. The results of the pilot have been fed into the standard programs of OGC and bSI (through public Engineering Reports and in-depth debriefings) with the dual purpose of promoting the use of standards while also accelerating the process of creating and improving them.

Future City

GeoBIM Europe 2016 is an innovative platform focusing on the integration of GEO and BIM and highlighting the critical role of geospatial technology in BIM processes within the European Infrastructure ecosystem. The third edition of this event will witness interactions with stakeholders, focus on problem solving approaches and facilitate discussions between the users and technology providers with the ultimate goal of finding solutions to some of the major challenges faced by the users.

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