ODA releases IFC SDK 2020u2

Open Design Alliance (ODA) announced the release of IFC SDK 2020 Update 2.

IFC SDK is a complete solution for reading, visualizing and creating IFC data for BIM applications.

“Through ODA, the industry has come together to build a standard, high-quality solution for IFC,” commented Neil Peterson, ODA President. “ODA is committed to supporting new versions of IFC as they are published by buildingSMART.

We are pleased to offer a production-grade, ready-to-use solution for the 4×2 IFC-Bridge extension.”

Sergey Vishnevetsky, ODA Development Director, said, “IFC SDK 2020u2 also includes Standard Data Access Interface (SDAI) support. Users of other SDAI-compatible IFC toolkits can now migrate easily to our solution.”

IFC SDK 2020u2 contains additional enhancements including full integration of our Common Data Access (CDA) API for generic access to model tree and property information across multiple engineering formats.

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