ODA announces IFC 4.3 RC1 support

Open Design Alliance (ODA), provider of CAD and BIM interoperability solutions, announced the release of IFC 4.3 RC1 support in the ODA IFC SDK (Software Development Kit).


IFC 4.3 bridge model visualized in OpenIfcViewer

ODA IFC SDK is a complete solution for professional IFC development that is widely used within the BIM industry. IFC 4.3 RC1 is the latest candidate release of IFC, published by buildingSMART® International (bSI) in April 2020.

IFC 4.3 RC1 contains support for infrastructure domains including Rail, Road, Bridges, Ports and Waterways. As a candidate standard, it is being actively developed and tested by various bSI working groups to verify the standard’s viability.

“With the latest ODA IFC SDK, BIM software vendors can quickly integrate IFC 4.3 RC1 into their products,” said Neil Peterson, ODA President. “This is especially important for vendors who are participating in bSI’s validation process for the new standard.

“To further support bSI’s efforts, our free OpenIfcViewer is available to anyone involved in the 4.3 RC1 validation process. We’ll be updating both the SDK and the viewer as bSI publishes additional modifications to the standard.”

Availability and Pricing
IFC 4.3 RC1 is included in ODA IFC SDK starting with version 21.8, and is available to all ODA members at opendesign.com.

OpenIfcViewer is available at no cost for personal and professional use at openifcviewer.com/.

Website Open Design Alliance

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