SuperSurv 10 officially released

In SuperSurv 10, Supergeo has improved the manipulation, which will offer users a more intuitive and mobile-oriented user experience. Because the product team reviewed and significantly simplified the workflow, users will find that they don’t have to tap so many times to accomplish a task as the old product. Meanwhile, SuperSurv 10 still inherits many practical features of SuperSurv 3.3 like project management, surveying, and waypoints.

On layer management, there is a definite improvement. Now, users can check attribute tables comprehensively and edit them directly through the layer management page. Furthermore, SuperSurv 10 can also assist users to upload and download data from Cloud Storage like Google Drive and Dropbox, saving a lot of time for beforehand data preparation and data processing after the fieldwork. Since the space of Cloud Storage is unlimited, users can conduct their fieldwork without interruption.


In addition to the enhancement and improvement of features that already exist, this latest version also includes other practical functions. For example, users can load a Geospatial PDF file as the basemap, so they can check map information quickly while surveying. Also, starting from SuperSurv 10, all vector layers will support to record the Z coordinate. Therefore, other than X and Y coordinates, you will obtain the information of elevation to make your survey data more precise. The Z coordinate is an essential element for various advanced applications such as 3D model.

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