New Reality Capture Company Allen3D Launched

Allen & Company, a mapping, surveying, and geospatial services company located in Florida, has announced the creation and launch of a new company, Allen3D.

In late 2023, Allen & Company acquired Nexus 3D Consulting to broaden their services and reach, the launch of Allen3D is a result of two companies joining forces to further drive innovation and excellence in the industry. Allen3D will operate as a separate entity and concentrate on the latest technological advancements, including digital twin, gaming, simulation, reality capture, scan, and LiDAR technology nationwide.

Allen3D and Allen & Company will work closely together and function under the same leadership, with Butch Allen, President and Principal of Allen & Company, directing Allen3D as founder of the organization.

“Forming Allen3D is a great step forward in how we innovate, pioneer the latest technology and proof of concepts, while driving forward in an industry that has always looked to us as leaders,” said Allen. “As we begin our new venture with Allen3D, we are excited to announce the formation of Allen3D. Allen & Company will continue to focus on mapping, surveying, and geospatial services but will utilize a cohesive partnership with Allen3D to serve clients.”

The new organization will operate from offices in Florida, Idaho, and California, fostering a coast-to-coast reach. Allen & Company and Allen3D will provide a full spectrum of services to continue to create competitive advantage and deliver on the demands of clients across all industries the companies serve.

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