New Generation Photogrammetric Platform, PHOTOMOD 7.0 available

Racurs Company has presented the latest version of their PHOTOMOD software: the new-and-improved PHOTOMOD 7.0, with better performance and advanced functionality.

PHOTOMOD 7.0 is built upon a new approach to photogrammetric processing of remote sensing data. This approach will be continuously perfected to transform the PHOTOMOD software product line into a photogrammetric platform that consists of several software components (joined together by general algorithms, ideology, and data organisation), and can function on numerous computing facilities.

This platform allows its users to flexibly configure and upscale PHOTOMOD technology to optimise their workflow when working collectively on production projects that stretch across a number of computing (including cloud-based) environments. This new approach has already been proven to boost efficiency across Racurs’ existing photogrammetric solutions throughout the pandemic as many have transitioned to remote work.

Racurs has made a number of new functional improvements to create PHOTOMOD 7.0.:

  • A new algorithm that uses object-oriented correlators to measure tie points and thus significantly improve fully automated data processing quality (especially for UAV imaging);
  • New-and-improved UAV data processing interfaces;
  • A multithread adjustment mode to help speed up processes;
  • New algorithms for computing point clouds and automatic texture mapping to improve 3D model quality;
  • New methods for DEM filtering to boost automation and orthoimage quality;
  • Improved GPU parallel processing modes for a number of actions.

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