New Features of SuperSurv 10

Two new features are added to the update of SuperSurv 10: the first one is Quick Report; the second is the support for WFS. The main idea of Quick Report is to help use export the result of field work with simple but useful layouts, which are ready to use in various documents.

When using this function, only few steps need to be set before exporting a report. A Quick Report provides important information such as the user’s current location, layers you want to display, and the spatial reference in use. What more convenient is that users can directly zoom in or out to adjust the map extent. Currently, Quick Report provides four kinds of templates that are designed for users to meet different needs and apply to various documents. 

Another key feature released in this version is the support for Web Feature Service (WFS/WFS-Transaction) standard, while SuperSurv 10 has already supported two OGC standards, WMS and WMTS in the previous version. With the support for WFS, users can easily download map layers that have been published by GIS server. After receiving the data, users can create, add, or delete features and then send these corrections back to the server through the internet.

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