New DAT/EM Keypad for AutoCAD

Perform repetitive AutoCAD editing tasks automatically and quickly with the new DAT/EM KeyPad for AutoCAD. This new KeyPad can communicate directly with AutoCAD, and runs either alone or with DAT/EM MapEditor. Compatible with AutoCAD 2017/2018, including the regular, Civil3D and Map3D versions, the KeyPad allows you to string multiple AutoCAD commands together and deploy them with the press of a single tablet or on-screen button. Now all AutoCAD users can enjoy increased productivity using the KeyPad. 


The DAT/EM KeyPad features:
·         Speeds up repeated AutoCAD tasks.
·         Set up keys for commonly or repeatedly used AutoCAD environment settings, such as layer settings, zooms, snaps, and activating drawing and editing tools.
·         Sends commands into AutoCAD even while working in a different application.
·         Overlays are unlimited and completely customizable.
·         Set layer and block names from your own AutoCAD templates.
·         String together multiple commands onto a single key. A key can set a layer, set a snap type, and start the editing command you always use for that layer.
·         Saves multiple mouse clicks used to need to find layers, blocks and commands on long lists and busy menus.
·         One year of technical support included with purchase.


Pair KeyPad with other DAT/EM Software
Unlike the traditional KeyPad, the new KeyPad does not require DAT/EM Summit Evolution and DAT/EM Capture. The new KeyPad can be used alone with AutoCAD or together with DAT/EM MapEditor for AutoCAD.

The new stand-alone version of the DAT/EM KeyPad works similarly to how it works with Summit Evolution and Capture, except you make the KeyPad commands call only AutoCAD or MapEditor keyins (no Capture commands).

The traditional KeyPad is still included with DAT/EM Capture. If you have Capture on active support, you will continue to receive the KeyPad with your DAT/EM updates.

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