New Book ‘Basic GIS Coordinates’

Smart phones, car navigation systems and now driverless cars are based on coordinates and coordinate systems.

‘Basic GIS Coordinates’ is about why coordinate systems work, and why they sometimes don’t work.

The previous editions are based on the North American Datum(NAD 83), the horizontal control datum for the United States, Canada, Mexico, and Central America, and the North American Vertical Datum(NAVD 88). By tracking the dynamic nature of the Earth, NGS will provide a new National Spatial Reference System that is semi-dynamic. It will replace NAVD 88 with a GNSS/geoid datum and replace NAD 83 with a geocentric GNSS-based datum. These changes will be explained in the new edition.

The book explores the upcoming change in the basis for horizontal and vertical coordinate systems in North America and covers the fundamentals of State Plane Coordinates and Universal Transverse Mercator Coordinates, heights and the Public Land Surveying System. It explains the progression of the ideas that are the foundation of geospatial coordinate systems whereby each chapter concludes with review questions and answers. It provides critical information needed to understand coordinate systems in GIS technology

Basic GIS Coordinates is available as a hardback containing 196 Pages and 70 Color Illustrations

ISBN 9781498774628


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