NedGraphics and IMAGEM partner on Smart M.APP Technology

IMAGEM and NedGraphics announced a strategic technology partnership on Smart M.App technology. This collaboration will help policy makers and managers in the Netherlands make data driven decisions by using predictive and cognitive solutions. 

NedGraphics is a leading geospatial service provider in the Netherlands, focused on combining geospatial technology with documentation and data management for the government sector. Their solutions for designing, managing and publishing digital drawing and maps help simplify complex workflows and processes to increase efficiencies at various departments within the government.

Smart M.App technology offers unique capabilities to integrate digital maps and administrative data with possibilities of extensive spatial analysis and dynamic visualisation. While location and administrative data is readily available at governments, the Smart M.App technology will make it possible to connect multi-source data in real-time and provide powerful visualisations.

For NedGraphics, the Smart M.App technology is a logical addition to their existing products and services, which will enable them to increase their offerings portfolio. Their customers base will gain real insight into geo-data, as the platform will help map out current issues in the country ranging from ‘liveability’, ‘property price development’, ‘vacancy’, and ‘energy transition’. Hennie Genee, Manager Development at NedGraphics says, “Through the partnership with IMAGEM, we aim to help the municipal governments and citizens alike to visualise policy implementation by combing location intelligence with business information and statistics.” 

“The advantage of using this technology is the ability of combining multi-source datasets with location intelligence for data-driven decision making by creating information for insights and knowledge. Stakeholders, decision makers and local councils alike can use user-friendly and focused dashboards for effectively visualising policy implementation in the country”, says Niels van de Graaf, Market Manager at IMAGEM. 

The Smart M.App technology from Hexagon Geospatial is a cloud-based platform that helps build lightweight and dynamic applications and dashboards by combining content, business workflows, and geoprocessing into a single application to produce powerful visualisations. The platform is primarily focused on present users with analytical views of the past, present and the future. IMAGEM is the platinum partner of Hexagon Geospatial and the official distributor of this technology in the Benelux region.

Through coalition between IMAGEM and NedGraphics, more solution-focused dashboards and applications will support decision making within the local authorities in the Netherlands. 

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