Nearmap acquires Pushpin for 3D Geometry Extraction Technology

Aaerial imagery company Nearmap announced that it has acquired technology and assets from Pushpin, a deep learning and analytics technology company that extracts data from 3D models to provide roof geometry insights to a variety of sectors including roofing, solar and government.

The technology acquisition allows Nearmap to rapidly extract and disseminate roof geometry from its wide scale 3D models and offer a new form of location content to its customers.

‘‘By acquiring Pushpin’s 3D geometry extraction technology and pairing it with our rich data, we bring the best of both worlds together at unprecedented scale’’ said Dr. Rob Newman, Nearmap CEO. “Over the past couple of years, we’ve evolved our offering from 2D imagery to a multi-product portfolio, and this acquisition is an important milestone in our approach to continue adding new content types for our customers. This addition aides our company mission by providing 3D geometry data at unmatched speed, thereby changing the way our customers perform their work.”

With this new technology, Nearmap can provide a semi-automated calculation and extracted representation of any roof geometry within an hour, significantly reducing turnaround time. The combination of Nearmap’s 3D content and Pushpin’s geometry extraction technology opens up a diverse range of use cases, enabling businesses to fast-track job estimation, determine solar irradiance, plan drone delivery routes and model 5G propagation.

“The addition of Pushpin’s 3D geometry extraction technology into our large-scale 3D reality models will enable us to further evolve our offering and produce at scale roofing geometry,” said Dr. Tom Celinski, Executive Vice President, Technology and Engineering at Nearmap. “With the added ability to provide roof geometry data, we will be able to provide even deeper insights on what’s happening on the ground, and help businesses and government organizations transform the way they work and do their job more efficiently.”

The roofing and solar industries are poised for significant growth. Currently, 1% of the United States population has solar panels on their homes. According to the Solar Energy Industry Association (SEIA), total U.S. solar capacity will more than double over the next 5 years.

Additionally, a significant number of all residential homes in the United States have their roofs replaced every year due to roof damaging storms and changes in roofing trends and material.  This new product offering from Nearmap is poised to significantly impact these markets, as companies are expanding their use of technology to assist with tasks such as roof material and project quoting through reports, project management through roofing specific software, and customized sales and marketing tools for the roofing industry.

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Geplaatst door Nearmap op Maandag 4 november 2019

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