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Navmatix with its residency in Roznov pod Radhostem, Czech Republic is coming to the biggest Geo-occasion of the year – Intergeo 2017. 

The story began 7 years ago. A small IT-company, founded by GIS and GNSS enthusiasts, started to develop software for GNSS applications. Nowadays Navmatix has gained experience to build professional solutions upon customer’s request as well as to provide its solutions as a service.

Navmatix is going to attend with a stand at Intergeo for the first time. Navmatix will introduce its new project – It aims to create a worldwide community and builds a network of Continuously Operating Reference Stations (CORS). The idea is to create a homogenous platform for sharing data from existing base stations.

Any private GNSS base station can be registered into and its RTK data can be shared with the community users. Anybody can join community and get RTK data from any of the available GNSS base stations registered in

All users can use RTK data with one account, one setting and one user name worldwide. The goal of is to become the widest GNSS network in the world and provide the most volume of RTK data.

As a professional solution for commercial use Navmatix offers enterprise. Its primary purpose is to help to create a highly available RTK network or merge more RTK networks into one and rapidly increase customer business. 

Website Glopos

Website Navmatix

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