National Gendarmerie conducts post-hurricane missions with SimActive

SimActive Inc. announced that the National Gendarmerie of France has been using Correlator3D to support Saint Martin following Hurricane Irma. The software has facilitated rapid mapping from UAV images for damage assessment, aiding reconstruction efforts.

“Correlator3D ™ generated orthomosaics of excellent quality with the UAV missions post-Irma”, said Mathieu Cerciat, Geomatics Chief of the National Gendarmerie. “Coupled with SimActive’s exceptional responsiveness, we were able to complete the missions successfully, with processing done on-site”. 

“We innovate to provide the speed advantage that makes Correlator3D™ ideal for emergency and disaster response”, said Dr Philippe Simard, President of SimActive. “It is a privilege to continue collaborating with organizations like the National Gendarmerie to assist those affected in their rebuilding efforts.”

About National Gendarmerie
The National Gendarmerie is a police force in France placed under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of the Interior with additional duties to the Ministry of Defense. Its area of responsibility includes smaller towns, rural and suburban areas. Due to its military status, the Gendarmerie also fulfils a range of military and defense missions.

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