Murphy Geospatial Launches GeoDrive: a new Mobile Mapping Solution

Murphy Geospatial is launching a mobile-mapping technology to support faster and more accurate geospatial data capture in the built environment.


The eye-catching vehicle, called GeoDrive, can easily capture up to 100km of geospatial survey data in just one day. In a world where the sustainability and maintenance of infrastructure assets are of utmost importance, Murphy Geospatial plays a crucial role by providing accurate geospatial data. This data empowers asset owners to make well-informed decisions, ensuring the longevity and efficiency of their infrastructure investments. The new service, aimed at large projects within construction, infrastructure, and energy and utility sectors, will gather significant volumes of data on large geographical areas at higher speeds and lower cost compared with traditional data capture methods.

GeoDrive uses high precision scanners and a multi-camera system to collect sub centimetre accuracy information and is mounted on top of a uniquely branded vehicle or it can be fixed to trains or other moving vehicles. The extremely precise data captured by this new service is also thanks to Murphy Geospatial’s emphasis on quality control of workflows, managed by well-trained staff with their own expertise in geomatics, allowing them to focus on even the most trivial details of a project.

Murphy Geospatial Associate Director Maciej Targosz commented:

“This new solution is going to make a huge difference to clients gathering information in relation to large-scale projects. The speed at which GeoDrive can capture data will save clients both time and money when compared with the method of taking a total station along the length of a site. We’re looking forward to supporting clients access and analyse the quality data at speed that GeoDrive can gather, and will be offering this new service throughout Ireland, UK, and Europe.”

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