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The University of Maine School of Computing and Information Science announces a leading-edge master’s degree program in Spatial Informatics.

This graduate degree is the online version of the on-campus MS in Spatial Information Science and Engineering degree and accommodates students from wide ranging undergraduate degree backgrounds. Distance students take the same comprehensive graduate course content with the same high-caliber full-time professors as taken by on-campus graduate students.

The program focuses on advancing knowledge about spatial information particularly with respect to concepts needed in next-generation information systems. Emphasis is placed on developing novel concepts and methods in the broad field of geographic information science for sensing, storing, accessing, analyzing, and managing spatial data, and modeling, extracting, integrating, visualizing, communicating and reasoning about geospatial information.

Spatial Informatics is a term used to describe the field of study merging knowledge drawn from geographic information science, information science, cognitive science, computer science and engineering. The program is STEM certified and students build on foundations in computer science, mathematics, physics, geography, cognitive science, neuroscience, artificial intelligence, engineering and related fields to study spatio-temporal phenomena, design intelligent spatial information systems and develop human-centered accessible technologies.

The Spatial Informatics graduate program is designed to meet the growing demand in society for graduates with high-level geospatial technology skills. This student-centered curriculum provides a path for women and men from diverse fields to rapidly transition to information system career paths by providing them with foundation graduate level courses in information systems and geographic information science.

The School of Computing and Information Science also offers a MS in Information Systems (MSIS), dual MSIS/MBA degrees and two graduate certificates in Geographic Information Systems and Information Systems. All programs are offered fully online.

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