Maptitude 2018 adds enhanced features

Maptitude 2018 dominates the space vacated by MapPoint, supporting Microsoft MapPoint-like tools & queries. With enhanced versions of the features that MapPoint users are familiar with, Maptitude retains the ease-of-use of MapPoint while providing functionality that Microsoft MapPoint users could only wish for. 



The new and improved tools include:

  • The ability to link to external data such as an Excel spreadsheet and to update your map layer based on changes in your table without having to reimport your data from scratch
  • Support for waypoints from MapPoint and Streets & Trips (.PTM, .EST, .AXE) that further helps Maptitude to fill the void since the discontinuation of Microsoft MapPoint
  • An updated Create-a-Map Wizard™ that allows you to add shaded boundaries to an existing map
  • Improved design for the one-click export to Excel reports


Maptitude 2018 also includes tools that were never available in MapPoint:

  • A Facility Location wizard for site selection analysis that helps you to identify the best locations for servicing your customers or target market.
  • A 3-D theme tool that supports the visualization of two columns of data rather than just one, via choices for both color and height, for layers such as postal/ZIP Codes or sales territories.
  • A distance calculator that can create travel time or distance tables between ZIP Codes or any other layer.

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