How machine control solutions are increasing efficiencies by up to 60%

The seaside town of Køge lies just forty minutes south of Copenhagen in Denmark. A rapidly expanding area, new housing projects and transport infrastructure are an immediate priority for residents and local authorities. But, for a town located just three metres above sea level, any construction requires careful consideration as more roads and buildings bring a greater risk of flooding, as well as more pollution from man-made structures. To solve this challenge and move forward with a 190-hectare land preparation project, contractor Tscherning chose to partner with Topcon.

A ground-breaking solution
In order to prepare the land for future housing and infrastructure projects, Tscherning needed to find a solution for managing rainwater efficiently – a frequent problem in low-lying areas. Working with public water treatment company KLAR Forsyning, Tscherning developed an ingenious method that would see excess rainwater being filtered through layers of small ponds, basins and reservoirs. Not only does this slow down the flow of water and reduce flash flooding, but it also prevents contaminated water and ground pollution from reaching the sea, as the plant life within absorbs any microparticles and chemicals. Creating this delicate eco-system of water filtering layers required extreme precision, down to the millimetre. So, to make the project a reality and achieve this level of accuracy, Tscherning partnered with Topcon and used the MC-Max Excavator machine control system, as well as its Sitelink3D logistics solution.


Increasing project efficiency
During the project, the MC-Max Excavator machine control system was used to actively track all excavators’ positions using GNSS technology. Meanwhile, sensors monitored the buckets’ position in relation to the target grade and shared the data with operators in the cab via a console. This meant the operators could easily see the exact position of the bucket at all times and dig to the required measurement of the carefully planned out basins and ponds. The addition of Sitelink3D, a web-based logistics platform, provided the managers, personnel and stakeholders with the tools to effectively manage and monitor their job sites with cloud-based technology. The technology allowed the site managers at Køge to track the work as it progressed in real-time, with an overview of all movement of excavators and materials on site.

Andreas Lundbäck, sales manager Nordics and Baltics at Topcon, said: “Working with Tscherning and KLAR Forsyning on this project gave us a great opportunity to help bring an ambitious project to life and lay the groundwork for what the future of sustainable suburbanization may look like. “Using our MC-Max Excavator machine control system and Sitelink3D logistics platform, we’ve been able to help Tscherning to increase its overall efficiency by more than 60%, with our solutions providing site managers, excavator operators and stakeholders with the instant access to data they need to do their jobs flawlessly.”

Benefiting the operator
Traditionally, lengthy projects involving meticulous digging can be challenging for operators as controlling the machinery can require intense concentration for prolonged periods of time. Topcon technology supports machine operators by providing greater accuracy and efficiency so operators can get more work done in less time, without compromising on precision. Speaking on the technology, Hans Henrik Larsen, contract manager at Tscherning, said: “The MC-Max Excavator solution is extremely efficient when it comes to both material and people inside the machines. By using Topcon’s system, our operators get less tired and can be more accurate, especially when digging so carefully over long periods of time.

“The data flow that Sitelink and the MC-Max Excavator provides to operators and project managers has proved vital in increasing efficiency, giving new and seasoned operators the ability to do complex jobs with fewer mistakes and work more quickly. Additionally, the technology offers a simple user interface to operators, as well as a more engaging visual experience, which gives workers a better understanding of the work they are doing.”  Dennis Johansen, data handler at Tscherning, added: “Topcon technology helps the machine operator get a better understanding of their work and take full ownership of each task.

“With the technologies continuously communicating with one another, the land surveyors are able to gather the data needed more quickly and can provide tangible results of what’s been done that day.” 

Building a sustainable future
With the ability to dig with such exact specifications, the surface depth required can be easily reached, with only the material that needs to be moved being transported. This reduces the number of trips needed to remove materials from the site – keeping carbon outputs to a minimum while ensuring as much soil is left undisturbed as possible.

Bettina Simonsen, project manager at KLAR Forsyning, summarised the benefits of the technology: “For me, as a contractor, it’s fantastic to see how the new technologies make the project more sustainable. It’s a huge advantage that we can control the volumes of materials on site, meaning there is no excess. The precision afforded to us by the technology also means we can create these layers exactly as needed and help make cleaner water by working with nature rather than against it.” 

By building the different layers accurately, any chemicals and microparticles in the water can be cleaned by passing through the varying basins, which will extract and hold chemicals such as phosphorus, as well as microparticles. This delivers a much more sustainable process with harmful chemicals held safely in the layers, rather than being allowed to flow into local streams and the sea. 

The pools and lakes created from the project provide Køge with a space prepared for future housing projects, minimizing the possibility of floods, and reducing pollution while allowing the expansion needed. 

Topcon’s machine control solution has played a key role making this ambitious project a reality, enabling Tscherning and KLAR Forsyning to achieve the extreme levels of efficiency required – all while underscoring the key link between machine control and a sustainable future for construction. 

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