Location Intelligence for Switzerland

Swiss location intelligence consultancy Crosswind has teamed up with technology provider Targomo, offering companies in Switzerland even more options in the area of location and geo analytics.

By combining deep knowledge of corporate processes, market expertise and state-of-the-art geo technology, Crosswind and Targomo are making customized location analytics available to Swiss customers.

Crosswind, based in Winterthur, enables organizations to integrate geographic referenced data into existing business processes. It helps companies to develop tailor-made, geo-analytical procedures, making their operations more efficient and performant. “There is incredible potential in location-based data,” says Tobias Brühlmeier, managing director of Crosswind. “The spatial component in business intelligence is becoming more and more important, and the analytical possibilities ever more diverse. Targomo’s technologies, such as routing, offer customers the possibility to analyze geodata in very large quantities very quickly, and to visualize it in a way that is easy to understand for the customer.”


Targomo, a thriving Berlin-based technology company, offers TargomoAPI, a collection of data services to create custom maps and geospatial data and geospatial analysis applications. Crosswind has already successfully used these applications to analyze, for example, customers’ travel times in the retail industry, or to calculate the costs of relocating telecommunications cables.

Through the cooperation, Swiss customers now have the opportunity to use location intelligence platform TargomoLOOP at an enhanced level with professional support from experts in business and geo analytics. “With Crosswind’s expertise and market knowledge, country-specific consulting is now available,” says Hennig Hollburg, managing director of Targomo. “This includes the procurement of Switzerland-specific data as well as the enrichment of corporate data with geo-referenced data, which Swiss companies can benefit from.”

TargomoLOOP not only enables businesses in retail, hospitality and logistics to analyze their locations and optimize their networks. They also gain valuable insights to increase sales, save costs and create decisive competitive advantages. Organizations in the mobility and energy supply industries can also profit from TargomoLOOP, for example, when it comes to planning a network of electric charging stations.

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