L&M Surveys purchase 22 HDR Camera Systems for VR capturing

Spheron-VR AG welcome their new partner L&M Surveys, a UK wide professional surveying business offering services for consulting engineers, rail, government agencies & utility companies. Their investment in 22 SceneCam Cameras along with SceneCenter 2.0 content management software is being used as part of their game changing ‘night to day’ Visual Mapping services, used for dilapidation and inspection services, VR content capturing, 3D from photogrammetry, site familiarisation and documentation.


L&M’s Commercial Director Alasdair Kirkwood says, ‘Our initial decision to invest in SpheronVR technology came largely from the benefits we immediately saw in reducing risk for our own staff on site. We today view this technology, particularly in our primary area of expertise, rail surveying, as the biggest single contribution to rail staff safety since the invention of Hi-Vis: it allows our survey teams, our clients and their partners to visit the sites, familiarise themselves with the site access points and track conditions from their desks,  before they try to find, park and access in the middle of the night .

Our clients are constantly asking for more site information as this just saves time and money at every stage of the project . We now add the spherical HDR imagery to the normal topographic survey deliverables, 2D, 3D drawings and Revit Models, adding complete site full colour 360 tour with the ability to take dimensions from anyone’s desktop. Any documentation can be attached to the spherical images, from survey data and drawings, as-built information, reports, safety notes or handover documentation. All in a simple to use interface that  anyone can use without having a cad licence or specialist software from wherever they sit.’

The technology offers the production for virtual onsite scene documentation. SceneWorks have tailored solutions for areas such as Rail, Nuclear, Oil and Gas, Utilities, Construction. BIM,  and other Visual Asset Mapping applications


SPHERON-VR AG is active in the area of visual information technologies. Core products of the German headquartered company are digital HDRi camera systems for full spherical photography as well as workflow-integrated image processing and database applications. Designed to fit the needs and requirements of many industry sectors, the companies major markets are Photorealistic Visualization & Computer Graphics (CGI) and database driven Visual Asset Management solutions in the areas of crime scene investigation, security, fire and tactical training.

All images courtesy of L&M Surveys


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