LiDAR data viewer streamlines work of local governments

Warsaw City Office streamlines work with LiDAR data using LiMON Viewer and LiMON Server solution. The application is used in many departments of the City Office, but most of the licenses have been implemented in Architecture and Construction Departments of respective districts.

The software significantly facilitates performing spatial analysis and preparation of documents. Warsaw City Office is the first organization, where the latest version (2.0) of the LiMON Server has been installed. The new version speeds up work with large LiDAR datasets.

Besides Warsaw City Office, many local governments use this application on more than 250 work stations in total. The program is mainly used for spatial planning analyses, location decisions and building permissions. The application allows fast and accurate acquisition of data about height of buildings, spatial relationships between objects and roof pitches without the need for field measurements. A huge advantage is easy-to-use option of instant generation of documents based on cross-sections.

LiDARLiMON Viewer is an advanced 3D viewer of the LiDAR data. Proprietary algorithms of data arrangement and display provide smooth operation on datasets exceeding billion of points. The viewer offers ability to work even on non-advanced PC hardware. LiMON Server enables simple and convenient work with point clouds without need of burdensome manipulation and searching for appropriate files in LiDAR datasets of virtually any size. Point cloud is stored on a server, which is based on database, and is automatically provided to authorized users of LiMON Viewer.

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