Leica Zeno Mobile One, Simplify your GIS data collection

Leica Zeno Mobile One is a simple yet powerful app for mobile data capture that improves productivity and data quality. Connected to your Leica Zeno GNSS antenna , Zeno Mobile One enables the high accuracy data collection you need for asset management. Zeno Mobile One is designed for GIS users requiring accurate and comprehensive field data that is easy to collect and manage. Providing one software solution for your field work, Zeno Mobile One enables you to create and organise your data model on the go and integrates with Esri ArcGIS Online to seamlessly connect with your existing workflows.


Leica Zeno Mobile One

Simplify data collection
Zeno Mobile One is simple and intuitive, providing advanced capabilities without the need for extensive training. Set up on-the-fly data collection without additional software. Edit attributes while the map is open, add point information, and capture multiple features at the same time. Easily adjust map orientation with established multi-touch screen navigation.

Seamless data integration
With a range of service integrations, Zeno Mobile One enhances data collection and management. Switch between map and aerial views with integrated HxGN Content Program imagery. Connect to HxGN SmartNet to ensure centimetre-level accuracy for your GNSS measurements. Import and export data in a range of formats via cloud services and link hosted feature layers in Esri ArcGIS Online to immediately synchronize changes made in the field.

iOS compatibility
Bring your iOS device into your Leica Zeno GNSS data collection workflow. Running on iPad and iPhone with a simple and intuitive interface, Leica Zeno Mobile One makes integrating high accuracy capture and on-the-go data management easy.

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