Leica GMX910 Smart Antenna released

Leica Geosystems has released a smart, flexible antenna for all GNSS monitoring applications. The Leica GMX910 Smart Antenna.

Professionals of critical projects have an affordable, high quality device, customisable to fit all of their project requirements. Reliable, built to endure and easy-to-use, this antenna is equipped with both GNSS antenna and receiver, the Leica GMX910 Smart Antenna is an all-in-one performer for any monitoring installations.

Static, long term projects requiring a high number of sensors now have a new affordable smart antenna. This same device can also enable dynamic monitoring with up to 10 Hz data streaming and advanced multi-frequency, multi-constellation tracking. Starting with the basic GPS single frequency receiver and adding multiple upgradable options, this antenna fits the needs of diverse monitoring projects.

Future-proof solution from a single provider
Part of Leica Geosystems’ cutting-edge GNSS technology, the antenna supports multiple GNSS satellite systems and signals. Tracking up to 555 channels, this antenna anticipates the future and is ready for ongoing changes in GNSS technology.

The smart antenna is also fully integrated in the Leica GeoMoS deformation monitoring solution and seamlessly connects to Leica GNSS Spider offering high quality GNSS processing results.

Compact, robust and hassle-free
The highest reliability of data streaming is easily achieved by simply plugging a cable into this smart antenna.

An IP67 rating against dust and water, extended temperature ranges and low power consumption enables installation of the device in remote areas and severe conditions. With easy configuration and usability, the compact antenna can be setup anywhere – intuitively and hassle-free.

Michael Rutschmann, senior product manager at Leica Geosystems, explains, “Leica GMX910 adapts perfectly to a wide range of GNSS monitoring applications, from complex man-made to any kind of natural structures. The smallest movements of bridges, dams or high-rise buildings are detected in real-time.”

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