Leica Geosystems wins Red Dot Design Awards

Leica Geosystems announced that two products have been honoured with the prestigious Red Dot Design Award for 2016: the Pegasus:Backpack and the Lino LP41 multi-line laser.

With entries from 57 nations and more than 5,200 products being judged, these two Leica Geosystems products stood out above the rest. A 41-expert independent panel judged each entry upon strict criteria, including degree of innovation, formal quality, functionality and ecological compatibility.

“With their performances, the Red Dot winners not only demonstrated an extraordinary design quality, but they also showed that design is an integral part of innovative product solutions,” said Professor Dr. Peter Zec, founder and president of the Red Dot Award.

ReddotMobile reality capture

As the world’s first wearable reality capture technology, the innovative Leica Pegasus:Backpack enables professionals to document any space, indoors or outdoors, and create 3D views for accurate mapping. Combining five high-dynamic cameras and two Light Detection and Ranging (LiDAR) sensors, the backpack’s ergonomic and light-weight design at only 12 kilograms allows the user to comfortably and easily access any area. The design was developed with the aim to combine complex technology with a compact, mobile and highly ergonomic product.

According to the jury’s statement for the award justification, “the Pegasus:Backpack presents a new type of design in the mobile mapping field. The sophisticated concept makes it very convenient to carry.”

“We’ve thoroughly studied the challenges faced on many sites, and the Pegasus:Backpack was developed to give easier and more accurate access in difficult environments,” said Alessandro Nuzzo, Leica Geosystems Mobile Mapping product line manager. “This achievement confirms our commitment to meeting user needs and developing innovation in digital surveying.”

Further information on the Pegasus:Backpack is available at: their website


Most powerful multi-line laser

The Lino LP41 line laser is the newest addition to the Leica Geosystems line laser range. A highly innovative power concept enables Li-Ion power with interchangeable alkaline batteries. Almost any interior application can be covered with the Lino L4P1’s three 180° vertical and one horizontal laser line and the five layout points allow easy levelling and aligning as well as quick plumbing. A clever rotation base can be turned 360° over a selected point and the precise fine adjustment supports quick targeting of the vertical laser lines for high-speed 90° layouts.

According to the jury’s statement for the award justification, “the shock absorber as the central design element gives the L4P1 a distinct appearance. The battery compartment is discreetly located in the housing, thus saving space.”

Further information on the Lino LP41 is available at: this link

Use of Leica Geosystems - 2016 Red Dot Award winner


“This award is a testament of the entire team’s dedication to excellence,” said Thomas Grabher, vice-president of the Leica Geosystems Tools Division. “This validates our commitment to design, innovation and quality.”




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