Launch of the TravelTime Maps app

Behind the scenes of every location search on your favourite hotel websites, property search pages or restaurant finder apps is an algorithm that sorts search results using straight line distances. But when was the last time you traveled to a location as the crow flies?

A new map tool has been launched for people that can’t travel in straight lines. It asks users to say how far they’re willing to travel, their preferred mode of transport and starting location. A unique travel time shape is built and they can stop here and explore the best places to visit bars, cinemas and more. To solve arguments, users can add 2 more maps using other travel preferences and then filter points that are within a reasonable travel time of more than one user. 

For example, two friends living on either side of the Thames can locate the best cinema to visit together. A tourist looking to visit Buckingham Palace and Camden Market can find out which location or hotel is best for both using public transport. It’s the first app to recognise that results listed ‘3 miles away as the crow flies’ doesn’t mean anything in the real world until transport routes are calculated.  It was originally made to showcase the TravelTime API, software that enables any website to switch to searching location data by time, but is open and free for all to use. For the tech-savvy user, test API keys are free to try out on your own map. 

Try it here: 

TravelTime Maps is made by iGeolise, a location data analysis API provider. The company powers TravelTime searching for big names including Zoopla’s property search and Jobsite’s commute time recruiter search. TravelTime Maps is the first consumer-facing app launched by the company. 


Website TravelTime 


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