LandWorks Tightens Integration with Esri

LandWorks Inc., a developer of innovative land management solutions, introduced Release 5.50 of its three primary software suites – LandWorks Property Management, LandWorks GIS, and WebMaps Enterprise GIS. All three have been re-written for easier use, greater functionality, and to fully support the Esri ArcGIS platform.

“In Release 5.50, we’ve fully integrated all of our GIS products with Esri’s ArcGIS Online and Portal for ArcGIS. It is now a requirement for any new clients, or when existing clients upgrade, that they implement either ArcGIS Online or Portal,” said LandWorks President Jerry Bramwell.

Direct integration with Esri’s ArcGIS Online or Portal for ArcGIS gives the client full web-based GIS functionality from within the LPM interface. Clients may open an oil and gas lease or right-of-way agreement and instantly access a live GIS map displaying the associated land rights polygon. Users can update the live map with new information on the fly.

“LPM is the only land asset management software with embedded live access to ArcGIS web maps from a customer’s on-premise or cloud-based GIS portal,” said Bramwell.

In addition, the Release 5.50 comes with three new reporting options to help users easily analyze and communicate business-critical data:

  1. A true ad hoc report builder that lets users design and build their own reports which can then be run on demand or scheduled to run automatically.
  2. User configurable dashboards that refresh every minute to provide near real-time visual reports.
  3. Reports using Microsoft Office Excel and Word templates that autofill with selected LPM data when run.

The flagship LandWorks Property Management (LPM) suite is a complete solution to manage any number or type of land rights anywhere in the world. In the new LPM version 5.50, users can download LPM records and work off line, then upload new or changed records and sync with the main LPM database.

integration“We’ve long had mobile apps that allowed field agents to update contact information or project-related tasks, but allowing users to work off line from locations where remoting in isn’t possible offers convenience and expands usability,” said Bramwell. LandWorks also has added new functionality designed for greater ease-of-use in specific industries. With the new 3D Depth Viewer, customers in the oil and gas and mining industries can see a three dimensional representation of their ownership below the earth’s surface.

“Our software offers the most advanced depth severance analysis in the industry,” said Bramwell. “LPM comes with a full stratigraphic column for more than 100 U.S. geologic provinces. Users can query on any formation in a strat column, and LPM can find all leases with ownership in that formation.” LandWorks has added a new module to its LandWorks GIS suite that automates the labor-intensive task of realigning existing polygons to new land or parcel grid versions. The new Spatial Alignment Tool is for use in any country and in any industry that maps land boundary polygons against a vector land base.

“What once required months to complete now takes hours, resulting in more accurate land agreement polygon boundaries without the high cost of manually snapping them to the updated grid or parcel data,” said Bramwell.

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