Juniper Systems launches new Android tablet

Juniper Systems Limited announced the release of the Cedar™ CT8 Rugged Tablet, a high-performance Android tablet made for rugged environments.

The CT8 – the third Cedar tablet from Juniper Systems – marks a major upgrade in performance and GPS capability from its predecessor, the Cedar CT7G Rugged Tablet (2017 release).

Packed behind its 8-inch high-visibility display is a Qualcomm Snapdragon 8-core processor running Android 8.1 with full Google Mobile Services. This highly-efficient processor results in lower power consumption, less heat generated, and better overall performance.

‘The CT8 is fast, affordable, and it’s got rugged bones’, said Cody Draper, Juniper Systems’ Cedar product manager. ‘Job sites that need a formidable, cost-effective rugged tablet will find the CT8’s features easily meet and exceed those needs’.

The CT8 Rugged Tablet also includes dual nano-SIM card slots and enhanced location services with a u-blox M8030 GNSS chip. It acquires and tracks different satellite systems around the world concurrently to deliver higher accuracy and reliability with maximum satellite access, including European Galileo, Chinese BeiDou, and American GPS.

Fully-rugged and rated IP67, the CT8 boasts functionality and versatility everywhere. Its 8,000 mAh removable battery, two programmable buttons, Gorilla Glass display, and optional accessories position it as an affordable rugged option for the workplace. 

‘We’re excited about this unparalleled Cedar CT8 tablet’, said Simon Bowe, managing director of Juniper Systems Limited. ‘It’s excellent for field professionals who face demanding work environments, and provides greater flexibility compared to most rugged tablets’.

The CT8 is available globally and works on any GSM network.

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