Innovative 3D stereo working with 3D PluraView passive 3D monitors

The 3D PluraView family of monitors is the passive 3D stereo system with the highest user acceptance of any 3D stereo monitor currently on the market.

The Plug & Play beam splitter technology has been established in the market for 13 years and has become the 4K 10-bit (UHD) version as a 3D stereo reference. Its intuitive operation, but above all the high viewing comfort in 3D stereo, significantly increases the user motivation.

With the 3D PluraView users can now move completely through the 3D environment. This possibility of spatial viewing brings innovative work in GIS applications, but also in 3D CAD software.

The optimized beam splitter technology with higher color fidelity allows extremely relaxed working on all 3D PluraView variants thanks to the guaranteed absolute flicker freedom. Thanks to the brightness of two monitors, 3D stereo users can now work in a window seat in direct sunlight. In addition, the wide viewing angle of about 170 ° supports high viewing comfort. Working in a team gets a whole new meaning here. Even if three or four people are sitting in front of an application to discuss solutions, everyone involved has a perfect view of the project on the monitor. 

The possibility of stereoscopic viewing allows innovative work in a wide variety of industries and applications, such as GIS / mapping, photogrammetry, laser scanning, computer tomography, simulation, molecular research or design / CAD stereo software applications. The monitors are certified among others by Agisoft, Esri, Hexagon and Trimble.

The innovative, passive 3D stereo monitor 3D PluraView has an extremely wide viewing angle of about 170 ° and thus allows a high viewing comfort.


Highlights of the 3D PluraView monitor product family:

  • Two enclosure designs: 22 “or 27” / 28 “large monitor work surfaces
  • Highest resolution up to 4K / 10-bit (UHD) for crisp images
  • Absolutely flicker-free for relaxed 3D STEREO work
  • Suitable for window seats, as one monitor is available for each eye
  • Wide Viewing Angle – Allows meetings in the group of up to 5 people
  • Certified by, among others, AGISOFT, ESRI, HEXAGON, TRIMBLE, and others.
  • Premium design & highest quality – Made in Germany
  • Suitability for direct laptop connection – Plug & Play without complex wiring

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Website PluraView

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