Incident Analyzer Wins Wichmann Innovation Award 2016

The Incident Analyzer Smart M.App won the prestigious Wichmann Innovations Award 2016 for Best Software. Announced at INTERGEO in Hamburg, Germany, this Smart M.App helps a variety of different industries visualize trends and identify correlations in their incident data.

Incident Analyzer Smart M.App

Incident Analyzer revolutionizes the way we think about incident mapping. This Smart M.App provides an intuitive, user friendly environment for consuming incident data in a dynamic information experience. With Incident Analyzer and a few mouse clicks, almost anyone can create, manage, disseminate, share, and host a wide array of dynamic intelligence reports that depict meaningful spatial patterns within incident data sets in an interactive fashion.

What is a Hexagon Smart M.App?

A Hexagon Smart M.App is a focused, cloud-based geospatial application. It focuses on a specific business problem. It connects quickly to fresh content. It allows you to rapidly prototype new industry-specific workflows. It incorporates business-style analytics. It packages all of this into a dynamic and easy-to-understand information experience. The Incident Analyzer Smart M.App heralds the beginning of the new age of mapping. It performs incident counting, displays spatial distribution of incidents, helps identify repeat occurrences, and visualizes incident concentrations, known as “hot spots”. It can provide critical information for safety, infrastructure, emergency response, health, government, transportation and many other commercial uses.

Finding Patterns Across the Globe

“Understanding patterns is one of the first steps in understanding how to combat these issues,” said Katie Paul, Chief of Staff for the Antiquities Coalition, who uses the Incident Analyzer as the basis for their Culture Under Threat Smart M.App. “The Smart M.App has been very valuable because it’s allowed us to examine the data in a way we didn’t know was possible.”

They were able to synthesize six different data sources into a single, dynamic Smart M.App. It moved them beyond the static GIS map, and allowed them to look at different combinations of data. “Being able to collect all of that information and visually represent it gave us a broader look at what is happening over time, where they are occurring and the types of contexts they are occurring in,” Katie Paul continued.

The Incident Analyzer Smart M.App is an example of the Map of the Future. It has already been used to analyze a wide variety of data, from real estate records to political donations to fire and utility outages. It is easy to connect to a variety of data, and provides useful insights into your data which can then be used to make intelligent decisions and shape smart change.

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