IDS GeoRadar moves to new headquarters in Pisa, Italy

IDS GeoRadar, a provider of Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) and interferometric solutions worldwide, announced the relocation and expansion of its Pisa, Italy-based headquarters to a new head office and production plant. The company employs about 80 people in Pisa and is committed to delivering innovative solutions, investing more than 12 percent of revenue back into R&D. 

“As our solutions portfolio expands, the demand rises. The company’s growth has made the move a necessity. We are excited with our new location and brand image reflected in the work space, and we plan to host dealers, partners and clients for training sessions, demos, sales presentations, and more,” said Alberto Bicci, president, IDS GeoRadar.

The new headquarters comprises 2.600 square metres (m2) on two floors within a renewed building in the industrial area of Ospedaletto, Pisa as well as an external area of 5.000 m2. The new location features a bigger production plant, warehouses and a dedicated site test to further respond to the growing demands of the GPR and Interferometric radar business and technology

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