IDS GeoRadar introduces safety monitoring radar

IDS GeoRadar, a provider of interferometric technology solutions and multi-frequency, multi-channel Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) worldwide, has launched HYDRA-G, a radar-based technology solution specifically developed to support construction companies and geotechnical engineers in monitoring civil structures and cut-slopes.

HYDRA-G is a compact, remote sensing monitoring system able to provide real time monitoring of sub-millimetric deformations in buildings, dams, tunnels, and cut-slopes, and trigger early-warning alerts in case of impending collapses to evacuate people and machinery at risk.

“At C&H, we have been among the first companies to invest in this new technology for civil structure and cut-slope monitoring. Since the very first phases of its development, we were very impressed with the potential of this solution that has no equal in the market place. IDS GeoRadar is once again proving their technology leadership in developing radar systems for geotechnical applications,” said Young C. Won, president at C&H, a leading provider of innovative equipment and engineering solutions in fields of soil, water, geophysical survey, and environments in South Korea. 

“With a scan range up to 800 metres, the system provides the high accuracy (<0.1 mm) and high resolution of radar technology and exploits the cutting-edge ArcSAR technology, providing displacement maps with updated information every 30 seconds,” said Paolo Papeschi, manager of the IDS GeoRadar GEO business unit. The system also leverages high spatial resolution and wide coverage capabilities to track in real time thousands of points in the monitored scenario. An optical and infrared HD camera provides visual inspection of monitored areas, and radar data are draped on a 3D model of the scene created by the built-in laser.

HYDRA-G empowers users with a non-intrusive technology – as no pointers or devices need to be installed on the target – and provides on-site results and instant data processing. The system is easily transportable and installed by one single person. Minimal moving parts and low profile design guarantee robustness and maximum availability in harsh environmental conditions.


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