Icaros Releases OneButton UAS Image Processing Software

Icaros Inc., a provider of aerial imaging software, announced the Release 4.2.2 of OneButton. The release contains new features and improvements as well as a new flight planning software module.

Here are the highlights:



  • Additional parameters have been added to enable users to create enhanced quality output products
  • Users can now create their own parameter templates to run similar projects repeatedly with the same parameter set
  • The image stitching algorithm has been enhanced to generate higher quality outputs for projects with high overlap
  • Projects covering smaller areas can now be solved more accurately by utilizing a higher resolution terrain model of the area
  • UgCS flight planning software is included free of charge with each installation.

Current user of OneButton software, can download and install the latest version from the following link: https://www.icaros.us/ob-software.

New users of OneButton software, can download a free copy to use until October 31, 2016 from the following link. New users can register and download the software: https://www.icaros.us/onebutton/.




Icaros developed the OneButton family for geospatial end users to easily and automatically generate precise, fully orthorectified 2D maps and 3D models from frame-based aerial imaging systems. Originally engineered for manned aircraft sensors, the OneButton software has been modified to accommodate the unique collection conditions of unmanned aerial systems (UAS).

OneButton creates a complete image processing workflow for aerial image data and can front-end both GIS and analytics workflows to enable customers to solve challenging problems related to everything from agriculture and forestry to utilities and city planning. It is highly customizable to meet the needs of specific vertical market applications.

OneButton automatically processes raw raster imagery with onboard GPS/IMU data to stich the individual scenes together into a seamless, color-balanced orthomosaic meeting photogrammetric standards. Outputs include digital elevation models (DEMs), true color 3D point clouds, and multispectral mosaics – all ready for ingest directly into GIS and analytics software environments.

OneButton is application platform and sensor agnostic, and processes raster image data from small-, medium-, and large-format frame sensors capable of capturing visible RBG, multispectral, near-infrared, and thermal infrared data.

“This version of OneButton comes with significant improvements, from a more intuitive user interface, to more robust processing and output options.  I am very pleased with the update.  Excellent work guys!” said Eric Andelin, President of VERTX.

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