Hexagon Mining extends global reach

Hexagon Mining launches its Channel Sales Division to reach remote markets and alternate market segments via a new partnerships program. Leading the division is Alan Bradford, a business development veteran who’s been highly successful in developing market opportunities in China, Mongolia, Kazakhstan, and Russia.

“By working with third-party vendors we aim to reach under-served and remote markets,” said Bradford. “Our message to potential partners is this: If you’d like to plug into the horsepower of Hexagon Mining, now’s your opportunity.” The world’s leading mining schools, consultants, and industry and quarry associations are among potential customers being targeted by the division, which has already attracted significant interest from China, India, Mongolia, Africa, and South America.

Alan Bradford

Bradford’s team is connecting with potential partners via the Hexagon Mining Channel Program. The program is organized around tiers that recognize and reward companies based on their overall investment and commitment to delivering Hexagon Mining’s solutions, and their alignment with Hexagon Mining’s strategies. “Members of the Channel Program will be well-equipped to find and capitalize on new opportunities to deliver profitable mining solutions to their customers,” said Bradford. “Participants will have access to world-class training, sales tools, and support, enabling them to build and grow a profitable business around our solutions.”

Bradford joined Leica in 2009 as General Manager for Business Development, Central and East Asia, based in Beijing. He successfully developed market opportunities in China, Mongolia, Kazakhstan, and Russia’s Far East. Bradford specializes in strategic planning, international market development, and project and logistics management.

To learn more about the Channel Program and opportunities with the Channel Sales Division, email Alan.Bradford@hexagonmining.com.

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