Handheld Introduces its First Intrinsically Safe Ultra-Rugged Computer

Handheld Group, a manufacturer of rugged mobile computers, announced its first certified intrinsically safe model, a special version of the Nautiz X1 compact handheld. The product is being brought to market through a collaboration between Handheld Group and MCS (Mining Consultancy Services Pty Ltd), with offices in South Africa, Australia and Russia.

The special intrinsically safe version of the Nautiz X1 ultra-rugged handheld will first be introduced to the market in South Africa, where the Ex ia (Zone 0) and Ex ib (Zone 1) certifications have been issued. The international equivalent certifications, IECEx for Zone 0 and Zone 1, are in progress and are expected to be approved later this summer.

The Nautiz X1’s IP67 ingress protection rating means it’s completely protected against dust and particles, and can withstand immersion in water. It also meets stringent MIL-STD-810G military standards for enduring humidity, vibration, drops and extreme temperatures.

The full-featured Nautiz X1 runs on a powerful 1 GHz dual-core processor and 512 MB of RAM, and comes with 2 GB of onboard storage. It provides reliable high-speed data transmission over GSM networks and connects to 802.11 b/g/n Wi-Fi networks. It also features Bluetooth, GPS and a 5-megapixel camera, and comes with a choice of Android 4.0 or Windows Embedded Handheld 6.5 operating system.

“This version of the Nautiz X1 is designed specifically for the intrinsically safe market, so now users in the mining, chemical plant, oil and gas, and asset and facility management markets can safely collect data where potentially explosive gases, liquids or vapors may appear,” says Johan Hed, Handheld Group director of product management. “Over time we’ve seen an increase in demand from these segments of the market, and we’re very pleased with our collaboration with MCS and that together we can introduce the Nautiz X1 to this audience.”

“Historically, mobile computers for use in hazardous environments have been large and heavy with limited functionality, forcing users to make significant tradeoffs,” says Chris Wilkinson, CEO of MCS. “With the Nautiz X1 intrinsically safe version, this is no longer the case. With the combination of our expertise in hazardous areas and Handheld’s experience in building ultra-rugged mobile computers that also feel good in the user’s hand, we believe our customers will truly be getting the best of two worlds.”

The Nautiz X1 special version will be distributed exclusively through MCS and its partner network, either in a bundle with their software solution ProdMateä or as a standalone data collector. Please contact MCS or its partners, or Handheld’s sales representatives, for more information.

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