GreySellsGlobal Ltd. and uGRIDD launch digital mapping portal

GreySellsGlobal Ltd. and uGRIDD launch digital mapping portal www.marineGRIDD.coma web portal based spatial delivery product for oil, gas and marine service sector digital mapping products covering selected regional offshore activity areas which migrates new or existing datasets into a simple user accessed system to deliver digital mapping to the client on desktop PC and portable devices.

GreySellsGlobal Ltd. (GSGL), who specialises in the generation and publication of concise offshore oil and gas activity maps to the oil, gas and marine service sector, has made these maps available within the marineGRIDDTM portal.

marineGRIDDTM provides a versatile, flexible, digital delivery portal on desktop PC and hand-held devices to the GSGL subscriber base. marineGRIDDTM also provides a flexible approach to partition extensive datasets, delivering the information the client requests, without the previous high-tech interface or specialist knowledge needed to operate them. 

It is the intention that marineGRIDDTM will be developed as the delivery mechanism for digital mapping products covering selected regional offshore activity areas. This will commence with the Northwest Europe region, with coverage of a variety of features including operational offshore fields, fixed and floating installations, licence blocks with operator status, major pipelines, ports and terminals, development well locations and subsea completions, bathymetry, wind farms and decommissioning yards and facilities.

uGRIDD Corporation is a web-based infrastructure big data platform provider based in Chicago, IL, USA. The company’s software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform offers its customers time and money saving solutions to collect, share, integrate and manage their infrastructure data using geospatial technology. Users can easily publish their georeferenced data to digital maps, making it easily found, viewed, shared and used to improve management systems and decision making on this cloud-based platform. 

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