Golden Software enhances Grid Displays and Data Coordinate Conversion

Golden Software, developer of affordable 2D and 3D scientific modeling packages, has upgraded its Surfer gridding, contouring, and 3D surface mapping package with improved grid display and data coordinate conversion options.


“In the newest version of Surfer, our developers focused on giving users new display functions so they can communicate information more easily and clearly,” said Kari Dickenson, Surfer Product Manager. “In addition, we have made it simpler to convert data into the right coordinate system to align with other layers or data sets.”

Known for its fast and powerful contouring algorithms that regularly outperform more expensive packages, the Surfer surface mapping software enables users to model data sets, apply an array of advanced analytics tools, and graphically communicate the results in ways anyone can understand. It is used by more than 100,000 people worldwide, many involved in oil & gas exploration, environmental consulting, mining, engineering, and geospatial projects. The software has been relied upon for more than 30 years by users to easily visualize and interpret complex data sets.

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