Global Mapper and LiDAR Module SDK v19.1 now available

Blue Marble Geographics announced the immediate availability of version 19.1 of the Global Mapper Software Development Kit (SDK) along with the accompanying LiDAR Module SDK. Incorporating many of the enhancements that were introduced in the recently released desktop version of the software, this powerful developer’s toolkit provides software engineers with the means to embed the latest geospatial technology into their custom applications. Among the highlights of the version 19.1 release are the addition of a script command for generating a point cloud, orthoimage, or 3D mesh from overlapping UAV images; support for importing and exporting AutoCAD 2018 DWG files; and a new option to spatially sort poorly organized LiDAR files.

For over two decades, Blue Marble’s affordable, user-friendly GIS software has been meeting the needs of hundreds of thousands of satisfied customers throughout the world. Users come from all industries including software, oil and gas, mining, civil engineering, surveying, and technology companies, as well as government departments and academic institutions.

Global Mapper is an affordable and easy-to-use GIS application capable of displaying, converting, and analyzing virtually any type of geospatial data. The Global Mapper SDK and LiDAR Module SDK provide software developers with a toolkit for accessing much of this functionality from within an existing or custom-built application. The SDK also enables the creation of custom toolbars and extensions to enhance the data processing and analysis functionality of the standard version of Global Mapper. This capability allows in-house developers to create a unique version of the software to meet their specific needs and requirements.

The 19.1 version of the SDK expands on improvements made in preceding releases with many new and updated features and functions. These improvements include several advanced LiDAR and point cloud processing tools, such as automatic spatial point cloud sorting that results in faster rendering and analysis; support for reading and writing LAZ (LasZip) files with the LAS 1.4 fields; and, mirroring the functionality of the software’s new Pixels-to-Points tool, a new option to create a script for generating a point cloud, orthoimage, or 3D mesh from overlapping UAV images.

Also added for this release is the option to import and export AutoCAD 2018 DWG files; support for several new UK online data services; and performance improvements in the GM_DrawLayerList process with multiple threads called simultaneously rather than one thread at a time.

“Global Mapper is redefining GIS software by offering the perfect balance of utility and affordability,” stated Patrick Cunningham, Blue Marble President. “Software developers are quickly learning that the powerful data processing capabilities of the application can be easily integrated into a custom desktop or cloud-based development project. The Global Mapper SDK offers unmatched data format support, analysis capability, interoperability, and usability in a truly low-cost package.”

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