GfK launches RegioGraph 2017

GfK will release a completely new version of its geomarketing software RegioGraph at the end of March.

RegioGraph 2017 features a new and simplified interface, faster results and numerous new options for analyzing and optimizing locations and sales territories. For the first time, users can work directly with online maps and aerial images. RegioGraph 2017 gives users from all industries an innovative and reliable basis for any location-based decision.

Users can visualize customers, target groups and potential on up-to-date digital maps and carry out analyses based on detailed integrated data on potential, such as GfK Purchasing Power. Users working in expansion, sales or marketing can use RegioGraph to pinpoint market weaknesses, identify new turnover opportunities and come up with strategies for more efficiently exploiting potential.

“Our geomarketing software offers a reliable basis for making more informed decisions in today’s complex and dynamic markets,” explains Friedrich Fleischmann, Managing Director of GfK’s Geomarketing solution area. “RegioGraph 2017 brings together our more than 25 years of experience as geomarketing consultants. As such, the software is a powerful and innovative solution for location-based planning and analyses. RegioGraph gives users from all industries the ability to more successfully connect their products or services to their customers. Achieving this is absolutely essential in the digital age and should be the goal of all company activities, from strategic marketing to specific target groups to prospecting for promising new business sites.”

RegioGraph’s applications range from locating target groups, managing product-line placement and streamlining marketing endeavors to optimizing sales territories and devising effective retail or delivery networks. RegioGraph comes with GfK Purchasing Power and 2017 digital maps for Germany, Austria and Switzerland, or another European country of choice. RegioGraph Strategy additionally includes the option of micro-data for analyzing B2C and B2B data on potential at the level of street segments in Germany.

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