Getmapping successfully completes a 3 year aerial survey project

Getmapping, in partnership with geo-partners BSF Swissphoto and Miramap, have successfully completed a 3 year project capturing high-resolution aerial imagery of the Netherlands. All products were delivered on time, in accordance with strict quality requirements.

The project commissioned by Het Waterschapshuis for all Dutch water boards, provinces and the national government of the Netherlands, involved surveying 15,206 sqkm per annum. The surveying was performed at 5,300 feet above sea level, to capture aerial imagery at a 10cm GSD resolution.

Getmapping, BSF Swissphoto and Miramap were commissioned to survey the northern part of the Netherlands, where the project area was divided into 10 blocks.  Over 65,000 images were captured per annum across 334 flight lines using a combination of Vexcel UltraCam , Xp and Vexcel UltraCam Eagle 100 cameras.

Flying commenced at the end of February each year and was completed within the agreed 2 month timeframe as imagery had to be captured during the spring when trees and greenery were ‘pre-leaf’.

The processed data, consisting of aerial triangulation results, stereo frames and 10cm orthorectified photography, was delivered to the customer by the end of every September.  As the data is used to update the main Netherlands Base Register topographical mapping dataset (the BGT) the specified ‘leaf off’ capture allowed more topographical features to be seen when updating the Mapping.

The project specification required high quality 3D stereo mapping with an absolute point precision of 20cm or more across the project. To achieve this, the Aerial Triangulation needed to be accurate and more than 200 pre-marked Ground Control Points were used to achieve highly accurate Aerial Triangulation results. The stereo frames and 10cm orthorectified photography were colour balanced to produce an even data set across the project area before final delivery.

“Thanks to pro-active planning and a dedicated team effort we were able to successfully complete this project and deliver all products on time and in accordance with quality requirements. The client was very happy with the team and the end result.” – Roland Haarbrink, Project Manager, Miramap      

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