Geospatial research to the next level with MapVault

East View Geospatial (EVG) announced the latest release of MapVault, a streaming service that brings together maps from around the world. MapVault provides access to 500,000+ georeferenced map sheets from over 1,000 authoritative map series—saving organizations the costs of procuring, storing and digitizing physical maps.

MapVault users have access to an impressive and diverse collection of topographic, aeronautical, nautical and geological map series sourced from international mapping agencies. Each series has been seamlessly mosaicked for easy use and quick navigation. Robust metadata along with series index maps and individual sheet-level metadata makes finding and citing the right maps a breeze. 

New map series are added to MapVault on a regular basis and subscriptions are completely customizable. Users can choose to subscribe to the series that cover their exact areas of interest, or select from multiple regional package options. East View Geospatial is also happy to provide custom series solutions, and encourages users to contact us about adding their own mapping resources to the MapVault platform. MapVault was designed with a wide variety of users in mind. The intuitive interface is easy to use for GIS and non-GIS specialists alike, and data is easily integrated into GIS software. Access the MapVault catalog over the internet or through any WMTS (web mapping tile services) connection, or download layer files formatted specifically for ArcGIS Desktop, QGIS, Global Mapper or other open-source GIS packages.

“What makes MapVault unique is the many advantages it brings to users,” says Kent Lee, President and CEO of East View Geospatial. “We’ve taken the time and cost out of tiling entire map series, giving users consistent, reliable data served up in a straightforward, easy-to-use streaming service. Whether you are interested in global or country-wide mapping coverage, or even county- or city-level mapping, MapVault gives users of all experience levels a simple and accessible environment in which to discover and utilize maps.”

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