GeoSLAM launches GeoSLAM Connect

Connect is an automated processing platform that provides users with the flexibility to process their data to their exact specifications all through a series of interactive customisable script based workflows.


Developed on  GeoSLAM’s new operating system, LiDAR OS, and compatible with the ZEB family of products, the platform will minimise the time and effort needed to manually process datasets, and give users the option of add-on modules for automated analysis of a point cloud.

The easy-to-use interface enables users to run workflows on their ZEB data and applies further processing steps including filtering, decimation, and integration of additional datasets such as photos and notes using a new phone app.

While Connect will provide the basis for future software development, the software will have a range of add-on modules unique to a variety of industries – initially for building management and construction with the availability of Floorplan and Construction Progress modules, with additional modules to follow.

Alongside the release of Connect, GeoSLAM has launched its very own payment plan to lower the upfront cost of ownership by allowing customers to spread the cost of a device over 24 months.

Current customers with a valid Care contract will be contacted with access to Connect shortly.

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