Geometricus Reaching New Heights with RIEGL ULS Systems

Geometricus d.o.o., a Croatian geodetic company started working with RIEGL UAV LiDAR Sensors in November 2022. Just a year later and following their success of working with the miniVUX-SYS – Geometricus is ready to deploy a higher-end UAV LiDAR Sensor, the RIEGL VUX-16023, within their workflow and scope of services.


The DJI M300 of Geometricus with RIEGL miniVUX-3UAV LiDAR Sensor

Geometricus always had an active approach to technological changes – and thus recognized the possibilities of using UAVs in surveying at an early stage. After some challenges with their first, non-RIEGL system, they were looking for a solution that would be survey-grade, extremely fast, practical, and versatile in everyday use. With these goals in mind, they found the RIEGL miniVUX-3UAV.

In November 2022, Geometricus – financially supported by the Norwegian financial mechanism (Norway Grants) through the project named HydroGraphBoost and the follow up project named SpatialSuperVision (also supported by Norway Grants) was able to take delivery of their miniVUX-SYS with RIEGL miniVUX-3UAV fully integrated with a DJI M300 multi-copter (remote sensing equipment-airborne LiDAR system and specialized software for point-cloud). This system was a gamechanger for the company and has been in use almost every day since then, reliably delivering data that fully satisfies the needs of Geometricus and their customers.

Based on that successful experience and demand from the market, they decided to further expand their portfolio of services. The need for shorter acquisition time on flight data using multispectral cameras combined with even higher resolution scan data is increasing. This led Geometricus to invest in a fully calibrated RIEGL VUX-SYS UAV-system with the RIEGL VUX-16023 NFB (Nadir-Forward-Backward) scanner fully integrated.

The Acecore Noa of Geometricus with multi-spectral camera Combo

This special system configuration also allows for use on manned helicopter platforms – an added benefit for Geometricus and their project needs. The next goal for Geometricus is to expand their portfolio and to execute surveying missions by helicopters, therefore covering even larger areas and projects.

Geometricus’s General Director, Mr. Stjepan Keleminec, underlines, “We are happy that Innovation Norway, a fund operator of Norway Grants in Croatia recognized the potential of our projects and benefits it brings to our company. Because of their support, we were able to realize our goals so quickly.”

On October 25, 2023, the Geometricus team met with RIEGL for the handover of their new VUX-SYS with RIEGL VUX-16023. Geometricus will use their RIEGL UAV LiDAR sensor on their new Acecore Noa drone that also was handed over to them in Horn by Acecore. During their stay in Horn, they also received training on the copter and the LiDAR system.

“The trainings organized by the RIEGL company contributed to a quick understanding of the possibilities of data collection and processing with LiDAR.”, stated Mr. Matej Petrinovic, the Surveyor at Geometricus. “We are looking forward to our first mission!” “And in the meantime, the system has successfully completed the first surveying flights in Croatia”, Matej added.

Mr. Michael Mayer, Managing Director of RiCOPTER UAV GmbH, proudly notes: “The fact that Geometricus has well managed the rise from a miniVUX-SYS to a high-end VUX-16023 system in just one year speaks for the great work of the company! As a supplier of the LiDAR system, we are really happy to see such a development of a customer – it is a great success story and we are proud to have such innovative and motivated companies like Geometricus within the RIEGL customer family.”

The ongoing growth and development of Geometricus is sure to be a continuing journey, and with the delivery of the VUX-16023, a very positive and successful road is ahead. “Our next goal is to strengthen the hydrographic capabilities of our company and use it in our technical activities on the market.”, added Mr. Keleminec, “We are looking forward to what RIEGL can offer us in that segment.”

We are confident that this is just a beginning of our joint journey, and we look forward to what the future holds…

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