GeoFly purchases 2 UltraCam Eagle Mark 3 systems

Vexcel Imaging announces the sale of two UltraCam Eagle M3 large format digital aerial sensor systems plus an additional F210 lens kit to GeoFly, a premier European aerial surveying company based in Magdeburg, Germany. The transaction marks the 6th UltraCam purchase for GeoFly, who operates other models including an UltraCam Falcon M2, an UltraCam X Prime and an UltraCam Osprey M3 nadir/oblique system.

“The UltraCam has long been at the heart of our collection services,” said Aicke Damrau, Managing Director for GeoFly. “The efficiencies of operating the UltraCam, along with the outstanding data quality, allow us to cost-effectively deliver high-quality photogrammetric products that meet the high-standards of our discerning customers.”

Alexander Wiechert, CEO of Vexcel Imaging further explains: “With this camera sale, we are strengthening our partnership with GeoFly even further. We see this as a proof of confidence they place in us, as well as an obligation to maintain what we have already achieved.”

The UltraCam Eagle M3 is Vexcel’s flagship large format aerial camera model, providing an ultra-large image footprint of 26,460 pixels across the flight strip at a rapid collection rate of 1 frame per 1.5 seconds. The system is a highly flexible UltraCam sensor, featuring an exchangeable lens system that allows customers to take full advantage of the system’s expansive footprint through optional lens kits at different focal lengths for missions requiring specific flying altitudes.

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