Geodetic Development Kit GeoDLL for GIS developments

For many years KilletSoft has distributed under the trademark GeoDLL a cost-effective Geodetic Development Kit. GeoDLL is an easy to use function library which is designed particular for GIS professionals and software developers. GeoDLL allows developers to embed the contained sophisticated and precise coordinate transformations into their custom geospatial software.

Additionally GeoDLL contains many advanced geomatic tools for GIS development, such as generating Helmert and Molodensky Parameters, NTv2 and HARN grid shifts, INSPIRE- and EPSG support, Digital Elevation Models (DEM), Distance and Time Zone calculations, and the ability to use custom best fit transformation parameters.

The WINDOWS operating system provides software developers the possibility to use geodetic functions from the Dynamic Link Library GeoDLL with their own programs. The programming language does not play a significant role when using a DLL. However, the use of the so developed programs is initially restricted to computers with the operating system WINDOWS.

To integrate under other operating systems and hardware platforms KilletSoft offers the GeoDLL completely as C++ source code. The source code is written to a large extent in ANSI-C, so that migration to any operating system and hardware platform is possible with minimal effort.

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