Geo Square, specialist in location technology, is becoming the market leader in the Benelux region

Geo Square, the largest player in Belgium in the field of location technology, is strengthening its position in the Benelux by acquiring a majority stake in its Dutch counterparts. This collaboration allows Geo Square to tap into new target groups and accelerate its international expansion plans. For instance, the upcoming Paris Olympic Games will rely on the expertise of the Antwerp-based location specialist.


Dirk Lambrechts, founder of Geo Square, explains: “Location data is an essential component of up to 85% of all available data. We translate this location information into solutions that help businesses operate more efficiently, safely, and sustainably. Almost every sector can derive value from this data using location technology.”

Applications of location technology range from real-time traffic insights to tracking employees, vehicles, and goods. Transport companies use Geo Square’s technology to track trailers and containers, waste and recycling companies optimize their collection rounds, retailers use the technology to plan store supplies, local governments for planning and managing public spaces, security services to navigate interventions quickly, and utility companies to manage and maintain their networks.

Continuing Growth
Maarten van der Hoek and Douwe Blanksma, the directors of the new Geo Square BV where the companies are housed, state: “We believe in the power of location. This collaboration strengthens our shared mission to deliver added value by leveraging GeoSpatial technologies. We create even more opportunities for all our employees, customers, and partners. We can also further introduce some of our solutions and services in Belgium.”

Labels Remain Active Independently
Geo Square, founded in 2004, employs over 275 staff, serves more than 1000 clients, and generates an annual turnover of 50 million euros. The company operates under ten different labels, all of which operate independently under the umbrella of Geo Square. In the Netherlands, Geo Square works with companies such as Jumbo, Nederlandse Spoorwegen, Blokker, Rijkswaterstaat, and dozens of municipalities, water boards, and provinces. With this acquisition, its position in the Dutch market is substantially strengthened by doubling its Dutch customer base, expanding its product portfolio, and increasing knowledge and expertise.

Dirk Lambrechts adds: “This collaboration marks a significant milestone since our founding in 2004. We not only create more synergy between Belgium and the Netherlands, but our one-stop-shop strategy for all companies wanting to use location technology is taking shape more and more. Our further growth will be both organic and through targeted strategic acquisitions.”

About Geo Square Netherlands
Geo Square B.V., the market leader in the Netherlands in GeoSpatial technologies, houses various labels, including GeoExperts, NieuwlandGeo, Ruimteschepper, GeoBIMexperts, and InwinExperts. With expertise in spatial solutions, Geo Square B.V. continues to lead in the development and delivery of high-quality services and applications.

About Geo Square Belgium
With twenty years of experience, Geo Square NV is the leading player in Belgium in GeoSpatial technologies. The company delivers value by creating solutions using GeoSpatial technologies and applying the power of ‘knowing where’ broadly. With various labels, including GeoSolutions, Localyse, Suivo, Aptus, and Solvice, Geo Square Belgium optimizes the impact of spatial data on organizations, workflows, and IT systems.

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